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The College of Management Science, London
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anxiety, fears, phobias, stress and low self esteem can usually be overcome in an hour or two

The School’s main hypnosis course covers ...
* History of hypnosis
Light hypnotic trance
* Medium hypnotic trance
* Deep hypnotic trances
* Solving trance problems
* Everyday trance states
*Hypnotherapy for anxiety
* Hypnotherapy for panic attacks
* Hypnosis for phobia removal
* Flying Fear control
* Hypnosis for alcohol control
* Stop smoking with hypnosis
*Self-improvementan performance enhancement
* Weight loss and control
Hypnotic Past Life Regression
* Future life Progression
* Stress Management
* Deep Relaxation
Pain control and management
* Skin disorders

The course fee for each course is £325 [or the equivalent in you own currency] and can be spread

Thank you for visiting the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s distance learning site. You can learn hypnosis at home online quite easily. Hypnosis courses and hypnotherapy training are delivered by distance learning education programmes designed by
College of Management Sciences School of Psychology. These accredited courses provide certification in the theory and practice of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming]. The programmes are accredited by the Institute of Therapies Management and the Faculty of Management Science’s Hypnosis Accreditation Register.

The College of Management Science and its courses are registered with the
National Learning Directory, London, Great Britain

You can study at home for a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis and NLP and gain a qualification in the field completely at your own pace.

The School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s Advanced Hypnosis course covers specialist areas of applied hypnotic techniques such as ...

erotic hypnosis
psychic hypnosis
military hypnosis
stage hypnosis
resistant subjects
covert hypnosis
hypnotize animals



Here are 10 beliefs which are held by many of us about hypnosis. Can you spot which ones are correct and which are wrong?

1. Only simple minded people can be hypnotized.
2. Only intelligent people can be hypnotised.
3. If someone resists the hypnotist they cannot be hypnotized
4. Nobody can be hypnotized without their knowledge
5. Some people cannot be hypnotized at all
6. Successful hypnosis requires a peaceful quiet situation
7. A hypnotist cannot make someone do something which is against their natural moral code
8. You cannot hypnotize someone to become more successful
9. You cannot hypnotize someone to become more healthy [unless, of course they are suffering from a psycho-somatic condition.
10. Some people are easier to hypnotize than others.

This is an illustration of one of the College’s Diplomas. The full size is 210 mm x 297 mm = 8.3” x 11.7” Each of the College’s diplomas follows the above format and is accompanied by an itemized course transcript.

So, how did you do?

1. In fact, it is not true that only simple minded people can be hypnotised. If anything, it is easier to hypnotise an intelligent person. This seeming anomoly of hypnosis is explained in the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s courses.

2. This is also wrong. Not only can people of high and average intelligence be hypnotised but people of low intelligence can also be hypnotised. Indeed, dogs, cats, horses and even fish can be hypnotised ... even the mad chicken running around the hen coop can be hypnotised!

3. When someone resists the hypnotist it can cause problems. However, a competent hypnotist faced with a resistant subject can overcome that resistance.

4. People can be hypnotised without their knowledge. It happens every day to everyone.

5. There is a respectably large constituency of people who maintain that they cannot be hypnotised. They are wrong.

6. Inducing hypnotic trances is often more easily effected in a quiet peaceful environment. However, it can be induced even when the subject is experiencing severe trauma for example after a road accident or in the middle of a battlefield.

7. Most hypnotists will tell you that you cannot hypnotise someone to do something which is against their natural moral code. This is actually wrong. Admittedly it does require a high level of knowledge and skill, but it is perfectly possible. It happens every day.

8. You can hypnotise anyone to become more successful.

9. Even someone who suffers from a very serious illness can have the course of their illness improved using hypnotherapeutic techniques.

10. This is true. Some people are easier to hypnotise than others. That is why competent hypnotherapists are trained in a range of techniques which will cover all situations.

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