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stress control
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skin disorders
weight loss hypnosis
smoking cessation
relaxation techniques
creative development


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Thank you for visiting the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s page about self-hypnosis. The ability of humans to induce a trance state within themselves gives us an important tool which we can use to improve our quality of life and success within that life.

As a hypnotist, we can teach our clients how to induce a hypnotic trance within themselves will empower them to better control their life. That ability can enable sufferers of panic attacks to take control. Individuals who want to perform better under stressful situations can be empowered. People with severe and chronic pain can be enabled to manage their pain.

Most human beings are good at fantasizing ... some better than others.

One group which needs to hone their fantasizing skills are authors of works of fiction. The stark challenging white of the blank sheet of paper often tests the best authors.

Self-hypnosis enables creative people to tune straight into the most creative parts of their minds.

One of the criticisms of hypnosis when it has been used to obtain truth from people who have blocked out memories is that hypnosis does not unblock the memory but produces a new wrong memory. It is that fact which makes it so useful to would be authors and other artists.

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