Phobias and Fear Therapy

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Thank you for visiting the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s page about phobias. Hypnosis is ideally suited as a medium for change and improvement in an individual’s life. Curing, or clearing phobias can be made easy through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It can also be made difficult. many hypnotherapists offer a treatment which works temporarily and then, after a short time, the subject goes back to the habit.

One of the good features of phobias is that they all have one similar aspect ... they have identifiable levels .

For example, if we arranged a group of people who were afraid of spiders we would likely find that they all could not bear to be near them but some could look at pictures of them whilst others could not and some indeed would freak out at the mere mention of the word spider.

This hierarchy of the phobia is both its strength and its weakness, a weakness hypnotists can use.

The college’s course explains the psychology of phobias and the routines which we can use to desensitize someone.

Incredibly even someone with an extreme phobia can be cured fully in less than an hour. To be able to help those who are effectively disabled so swiftly and painlessly is a gift, a gift which you can acquire with the School’s hypnosis and hypnotherapy course.

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