Pain Control by Hypnosis

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Thank you for visiting the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s page about pain control. Hypnosis is ideally suited as a medium for change and improvement in an individual’s life. Controlling pain can be made easy through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It can also be made difficult. Many hypnotherapists offer a treatment which works temporarily and then, after a short time, the pain returA pain which lasts a few moments or even a few hours can be just bearable but when it goes on and on it can drive some to suicide. Modern drugs can control pain but always there are side effects.

Pain relief using analgesic hypnosis removes the side-effects.

However as well as enabling individuals to manage chronic pain, analgesic hypnosis can be used in surgery, for example at the dentist.

Apart from avoiding the needle often the worst part of a visit to a dentist, analgesic hypnosis has the added benefit of trauma reduction at the would site. Simply there is less bleeding and quicker healing.

Analgesic hypnosis can be used in emergencies such as at roadside accidents where access to chemical pain killers may be some time off.

Of course with all pain control measures care must be taken not to remove all pain for good lest the subject’s condition is becoming worse without their having any manifestation of that until it is too late.

All of these issues are dealt with and explained in the School’s course.

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