Military Hypnosis

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Thank you for visiting the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s page about military hypnosis applications. Military Hypnosis is a specialist application of the normal techniques used by hypnotherapists.

The types of areas where military hypnosis can be used include ...

1. Battlefield analgesia where access to pain-killers is not practical.
2. Surviving pain or mental pressure under torture.
3. Convincing a captured enemy to co-operate
4. Enhancing battlefield performance or performance on special operations.

Wars do end .. often to be replaced by others wars. This has been the experience of Man since the earliest of times. Survival involves not only flexibility, innovation and technological superiority but psychological advantage in the areas of strategy, attack and defence.War is rarely about countries and Empires but is about people. The School of Psychology’s courses open the doors to that appreciation.

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