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Thank you for visiting the School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy’s page about erotic hypnosis. Hypnosis is ideally suited as a medium for change and improvement in an individual’s life. The therapeutic skills which hypnotists can bring to the lives of others is beyond measure.

An important application of erotic hypnosis is with individuals who have suffered injuries which do not allow them normal sexual intercourse. Whilst the patient’s hospital can teach new techniques enabling some sexual function occasionally this is simply impossible.

The sense of great loss for the individual can have a devastating psychological effect for some people. The best therapy in that case is through the facility of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be taught. Its advantage is that in the lucid dream, the subject actually feels that they are experiencing the actions effectively as real as if they were reality.

For example, someone who has had both legs amputated can, in a lucid dream, experience walking and running . Similarly, someone who is wheelchair bound and unable to physically engage in sexual activity can experience the effects and the sex act will be limited only by their imagination.

An additional bonus of learning to lucid dream is that those who always wanted to fly [without an aeroplane] can do so in their lucid dream. The effect is so real as to be indistinguishable from reality. The lucid dream is known to the subject as a dream, but a dream which they control and whose effects are as real as reality itself.

Some older people can have difficulty in acquiring a lucid dream and for them, a useful back-up is hypnosis. The effect can be similar to a lucid dream

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