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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy[Dip.Hyp.]
When you want to empower yourself to help others and earn a Prince’s ransom by helping those others, the college’s course on hypnosis and hypnotherapy is designed specifically to help you. You will be able to discover the many altered states of awareness used in hypnotherapy, self-improvement, past-life regression, remote viewing, psychic insight and spiritual understanding. You will learn how to earn a high income [part time or full time].

You will be able to learn about the History of hypnosis, the nature of hypnosis, the inner secrets of hypnosis, the psychology of hypnosis, trance induction, deepening procedures, self-hypnosis training techniques, a first consultation, stop smoking/habit problems, sleep problems, dream therapy, weight problems, fears, phobias and stress, skin disorders, pain control, pat life regression/future life progression, remote viewing, performance enhancement, group therapies, whether people can be hypnotized without them knowing [YES, they can!] getting started in a practice. Developing a successful high earning consultancy.

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Lucid Dreaming [Dip. Psy(L.D.)]
Understand the paradox of being aware whilst dreaming and examine the enormous therapeutic value of this strange phenomenon, where even the disabled can experience walking running or sexual intercourse virtually as real as can be experienced. The course covers definitions and illustrative examples, lucid and non-lucid dreams compared, the pre-lucid state, perceptual qualities - realism and unrealism, conscious recall, hallucinatory sense, repeated false awakenings, type - 2 false awakenings and out of body experiences, sleep paralysis and out of body apparitional experiences, the erotic elements, methods of inducing lucid dreams, treatment of nightmares, psychotherapeutic healing, arousal, general methodological and theoretical considerations.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming [Dip.NLP.]
Whether you simply seek to change your life and reprogramme yourself to always succeed or whether you wish to secure high earnings by training others to become NLP therapists, the college’s course will equip you with the knowledge and recognition in the field. The course covers an introduction to the subject, Thinking Patterns, How we filter our world view, thinking with our body, enriching our communication, learning to be precise, hypnotic language, using metaphors to communicate with the unconscious mind, creating meta-messages within, strategies for successful living, tapping into our inner potential, neurological levels of change, self belief in excellence, achieve what we really want, how to build and maintain rapport, perceptual positions, resolving conflict, high performance coaching.

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The course fee for a single course is £325

You can enrol using a debit card or a Paypal account to pay in full or if you prefer to spread the course fee you can use your credit card.

Advanced Hypnosis [Dip. A.Hyp]

The advanced hypnosis course is available to members of the Faculty of Management Science’s Hypnotherapy Register and others who have a good grounding in hypnotic techniques.

The skills and knowledge given enable you to have a greater understanding of the underlying philosophy of hypnosis and what you can achieve, opening up more specialist consultancy work opportunities for you.

The School’s course examines and enables you to understand and gain command of the techniques used in specialist applications of hypnosis such as
1. erotic hypnosis,[ the therapeutic use of erotic hypnosis can bring a great gift to those who have suffered injuries disabling them physically from sexual intercourse or simple physical affection and contact.]
2. psychic hypnosis, [ for those engaged in paranormal investigation where altered states of awareness are asked which can give spiritual insight and, or enable an advanced experience of past-life regression]
3. stage hypnosis [ learn the special skills of the stage hypnotist and those techniques which enable them to succeed seemingly with such total command], and
4.military hypnosis.[ learn the principal defence and attack procedures which are useful on the battlefield. Become competent in interrogation survival, even under torture. Understand and be able to use motivational modes for success on the battlefield and at strategic level.

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Counselling [Dip. Couns.]
Most of us can counsel others ... we do it almost every other day. However, being a professional counsellor or counselling others as part of our pastoral duty in a vocation places us in a different situation. We, as a counsellor need to be able to survive the encounters and be able to identify problems and problem people. This course empowers you and enables you to do just that. You will learn through an introduction to counselling, interviewing techniques, listening techniques, problem diagnosis, life crises, behavioural disorders, depression, personality disorders, marriage counselling, bereavement, grief and loss, substance abuse, and a valuable self-knowledge. Graduates of this course include Church Ministers, priests, employers, managers, prison officers and policemen, and those embarking on the setting up of their own counselling consultancy. Full support is given throughout the course and after graduation.

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